Nurture Green specialise in arboricultural consultancy for the public and private sector and offer advice in areas such as development - Trees and planning, tree stock management, tree surveys and safety, and Tree Hazard Assessments. We also work with private woodland owners, estate managers, local authorities, schools, and conservation groups to help plan and deliver relevant woodland management and activities.

We are based in the South West of England, but work across the south, South East and South West, and on occasions nationwide.

Jason Trewinnard is Nurture Greens Arboricultural Consultant has a Masters in Arboriculture and AA Technician Cert, along with nearly three decades of experience working in both public and private sectors of the arboricultural industry.

Nurture Green currently undertakes Tree Safety Inspections for the Duchy of Cornwall’s Estates and Manors, for St Austell Town Council’s open areas, play areas and recreation grounds, and for a number of local schools.

We are regularly asked by clients, agents and architects to provide Tree Surveys (in accordance with BS5837: 2012), Arboricultural Implication Assessments and tree constraint plans for planning applications. We also provide Arboricultural Method Statements and Tree Protection Plans etc, to fulfil Conditions attached when permission is granted by local planning departments.

Our arboricultural consultant, Jason Trewinnard, was employed by West Berkshire Council to advise their planning officers on tree and landscape related information submitted to support planning applications. The contract also required Jason to determine Tree Preservation Order applications and Conservation Area notifications, and any subsequent appeals.  

Jason Trewinnard  07974479973  Landline 01726 842700